E-CLA successfully carries out its “Learning Expedition #2” in Berlin


From 30 November to 2 December 2016 the European Corporate Learning Association (ECLA), the platform for corporate learning in Europe, carried out its “Learning Expedition #2”. On three days 40 experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland dealt with the issue of “Innovation in Leadership”. This is where aspects such as happiness, agility, new business models and multi-local working environments determine the management tasks in the field of digital transformation.

The European Corporate Learning Association, which was established in December 2015 within the context of the European Corporate Learning Award LEONARDO, carried out its second Learning Expedition on “Innovation in Leadership” on three days from 30 November to 2 December 2016.

Various speakers including Jurgen Appelo (CEO Happy Melly), Juliet Fallowfield (The Storytellers), Christina-Dorothea Schlichting (Volkswagen), Peter Pfannes (Accenture) and Jan Brecke (Digital Leadership Evangelist) addressed a variety of aspects in the areas of leadership, personnel development and working worlds. Company visits by LaunchLabs, MovingImage and ImpactHub provided an opportunity to experience new forms of leadership and to discuss various issues in the different companies with the hosts. In other workshops with Prof. Dr. Nele Graf (Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Applied Sciences HAM), Dina Weiler (SimIndustry) and Prof. Dr. Peter Pavlovsky (Professor of Human Resource Management and Leadership Studies at the Technical University Chemnitz) current research results and learning methods from leadership development could be experienced first-hand. The “Learning Expedition #2” in the Straumann Academy was attended by over 40 experts in the fields of Corporate Learning, Organizational Development and Management Training from the German-speaking region.


In addition to the traditional management tasks, a variety of aspects such as happiness, agility, multi-locality, design thinking and developing a lean start-up mentality will also play a role in the future, and will have to be incorporated into the working and learning culture of organizations and companies. Leaders will thus become incubators, bridge builders and travel guides who make networked working environments accessible and develop new fields of business.



The Learning Expedition #3 will take place from 30 to 31 May 2017, again in the Straumann Academy Berlin. This next learning expedition will focus on the issue of “Cultural Transformation”. Attending experts will include the doyen of organizational research Prof. Dr. Edgar Schein and the neurobiologist Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hüther.


About the ECLA (European Corporate Learning Association)

Corporate learning, as the third pillar alongside professionally qualifying undergraduate education and public training (e.g. through community education centres), is an essential factor in the education landscape. The new association wishes to take on the all-encompassing role of an advocate for the future of the knowledge and education society, and to act as a representative of corporate learning. The founding board members of ECLA, in which currently 17 members have organized themselves, include Guy Kempfert (Straumann AG) as President, as well as Norbert Büning (Cisco Systems GmbH), Prof. Dr. Nele Graf (University of Applied Management HAM), Prof. Dr. Andreas Müller (amucon), Alexander R. Petsch (HRM Research Institute) and Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai (Crealogix).



ECLA – European Corporate Learning Association

Guy Kempfert, President

Rheinkaistrasse 2

D-68159 Mannheim



Download: Press Release ECLA 2nd Learning Expedition

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