Success of eLearning Formats Depends on Employees’ Learning Skills


On the 15th and 16th of February, the eQualification conference took place on the subject of digital learning.  The conference, held by German Ministry of Education and Research, offered introductory presentations, insider previews into various research projects as well as workshops dedicated to the digital connecting of learning and the workplace.

In the workshop, “Learning Competencies as a Prerequisite for Digital Formats of Human Resource Development”, E-CLA board member Prof. Nele Graf (project supervisor) together with Denise Gramss from University of Applied Management (UAM) presented and discussed a model of learning skills as an essential prerequisite for the success of job-related learning of employees.  By means of various scenarios featuring different learning formats (eLearning and traditional “face-to-face” instruction), workshop participants could develop certain skills and assets of which they believed fictional “super-learners” should have command for a successful learning process.  Interestingly, just little differences were revealed for the various forms of analog and digital learning in the underlying learning skills of employees.

This workshop has been part of a research project conducted by UAM and the Vodafone Foundation. In addition, a Germany-wide survey will be administered in the second quarter of 2016 to over 5,000 employees regarding their individual learning skills. Those interested in survey participation are invited to contact


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